Friday, 11 September 2015

Wobbly Legs and Back

It was 8:30pm before I got downstairs and worked out my legs and back.  I really did not feel it until I pushed play.  My sister has been going through some stuff and finally made the break she has been planning and it was weighing on my mind.  My parents and in-laws were over for cake and ice cream to celebrate this little beauty:

By the time everyone left and homework was complete it was getting late and I thought of postponing it… but I sucked it up and brought it as though it were 7pm!  I got through it and as I was walking up the stairs my knees were wobbly and grinding… like there was sand under them.  But, this morning I feel perfect… so I am thrilled with my mind over matter win last night.

I like to take pictures a lot because I think that it shows results more than any other measure.  I have avoided the scale because that bitch lies… LIES I tell ya!  So, I will be updating with pictures because that is how I roll :P

I am leaving you with a picture of me with two of my most favourite people in the world, my parents!  My father is always doing something foolish… so in the second picture you are witnessing my mother trying to contain my Dad.  Dad was trying to hide my face with his hat and my Mom was saving me.  My reaction is the way I look every time I am in their presence… pure joy!

Plans for the weekend!  My baby girl has a couple of her good friends over tonight and we are getting dressed up and heading out for a girl's night.  Dinner, dessert and a little art therapy.  We will be coming home for movies (I will be kicking out some Kenpo) and then bed for me.  Saturday morning I am heading to the wharf for 5am because I will be fishing with those two great people in the photos above.  Then I will be doing my Chest and Back routine and maybe do a Plyo workout (depending on my body's response) to do a little catch up.  Then Sunday I am doing either Plyo or, I am hoping to be doing Shoulders and Arms to be closer to my original schedule.  Again, I will be listening to my body and not planning to do more that my body allows.

Stay tuned :D  Have a great weekend everyone!  We shall chat Monday!

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