Tuesday, 1 September 2015

5/90 Legs and Back

There is not a lag in the blogger application there was actually a delay in my execution of day 5: Legs and Back.  Why?

Swollen knees and back :(

Typically I would have taken pain meds and worked through it… leaving myself in a BAD state and then falling off the rails, yet again.

This time… I took my pain meds until the inflammation was gone and my joints were functional again. Then I KICKED some ass in my home gym while I tortured my legs and back!

I must be learning in my old age :P  

I really want to finish this round so I am committed to listening to my body and working with it… not against it.

I kept my diet on point this weekend.  Indulged in a little bit of wine on Saturday but other that that… keeping fat low and carbs in check.  

Next Tuesday is my Remicade day and I will know how this hard work translates into weight loss/gain.  I refuse to weigh in daily like I used to because I get obsessive.  I am having faith in the routine and giving it everything I have and seeing the weigh-in like a gift.  That is a big change for me as I typically dread the weigh in.  

So, legs are done and Kempo tonight.  I have had enough rest days so tomorrow I am doing Chest and Back… week two will commence. 

Make it a great day everyone and make it count!

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