Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Kenpo and a Hike Followed by a Forced Break

Happy Tuesday everyone in Bloggerland!

What a weekend!  Friday I took my lil Miss out with some of her friends and we went to a wonderful little cafe for drinks and art therapy.  It is amazing how I can talk 5 teenagers into colouring :P

They questioned me at first but before long I had them eating out of the palm of my hand :P  My lil girl LOVED it and was a little embarrassed at first but it turns out that her friends thought that I was cool.  HEHEHE

Then Saturday … oh Saturday, I went fishing with my parents and brother.  THe seas were not kind and as a result I was so sick!!  I am sure that it was good for weight-loss though.  Came home and rested all day and managed to break out another sweat during a feeble attempt at Kenpo.  But I got it done and kept chatting this mantra in my head...

Then on Sunday I took the dog for a hike where we will be snowshoeing this winter.  I am hoping to teach her so she takes me up on the offer to make our way through the snow in the upcoming months.  She was WONDERFUL … my pup always amazes me.  I got a great burn and realized that it is much easier to snowshoe the trail with the ground cover rather than to take my clumsy ass through brush.  

Then came Monday and my Dr. appointment.  Turns out the Doctor fears that I have an injury to my tendon in my left shoulder.  I have received three shots of Cortisone in the past 4 months and now it is time to do x-rays to assess the damage.  That being said I have to take a rest until the Cortisone is functioning and the x-ray is complete.  

SO… it will be quiet on the X schedule but I plan to keep active.  I am well on my way and I don't want to start over again so I am just modifying.

Make it a great day everyone and make it count!

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