Wednesday, 16 September 2015

How to Stay Active While on a Dr Induced Rest


Seeing the days pass and my schedule falling behind is a bit depressing.  Knowing that I am falling short of my goal makes me sad!  BUT I am trying not to focus on that but it can be difficult to see past it.

SO, what did I do to keep active and busy on a rest day?

I took the stairs 5 times

I got up and moved every 1/2 hour

I drank my water which kept me moving as I walked to the bathroom countless times!!

Worked with our study group until 11pm so I kept the movements going until that hour.  Getting up and getting everyone the water, bringing a healthy snack to all … just kept my body in motion as much as I could.

Today, I am doing the same thing… BUT I have to drive my lil girl to Cheer tonight which happens to be 2 hours away (each way) so there will not be a lot of movement going on tonight.  While she is in cheer I plan on being active but tonight is the registration and meeting that parents must participate in.  Tomorrow I have my x-rays and then hopefully the rest time will be lifted.

How do you keep active when you are forced to rest??

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