Tuesday, 8 September 2015


Good Monday Tuesday morning!

Today was my Kryptonite day so I am hoping to be feeling 100% by tomorrow… although lately the effect has been less than usual.  Regardless I am not stopping and feeling like I am ready to kick September in the ASS!

So… where did I leave off?  Oh yeah, Friday … Plyo day and I was working followed by a two hour drive to take the family camping… so Plyo was subbed out with extreme cross country hiking!  My sweet little girl and I did the loop twice and I took my lil puppy, Cersei, for a run on the same loop.  Everyday I burned more than 450 calories and there were many walks and hikes that I did not take my phone/runkeeper on.  

I rushed home on Monday to do up my laundry, the lawn and my meal prep so that this week would go off without a hitch.  Despite all the sweating that I did all weekend and all day I picked up on day 10 and killed a shoulders and arms workout!!  Left me all sweaty like:

Now that brings me to day 11… the dreaded Yoga.  Yoga on my treatment day… can it get any worse?  NOPE… so I am subbing out Yoga for Cardio X.  That is what will keep me in the game.  So tonight I am going to try and muster up the energy to get it done!  

HOw was your weekend everyone?  Enjoy your short work week and make it a great Tuesday :D

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