Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Laughing is Good for the Spirit!

Good morning World!

I had such a great night last night!  A night with friends, wine, food and LAUGHTER.  There is almost nothing that makes me feel better than belting out my big laugh, letting my guard down and just enjoying a moment among the people I cherish.

As I approach my birthday and this last year in my thirties I am committing to taking more time with my friends.  Making time for the girls.  Taking time to do the things that we women love and laughing is among the top three of my list of favourite things to do.  So, in an effort to make this vision a reality I am starting a monthly ladies night.  It will be a gathering of women to share and support one another.  I will host the first of these nights and each night will have a theme.  Together my lady friends and I will decide on the following theme but one thing can be certain, all theme nights will be lady-related.  I am thinking about having a Passion party because that should be a GREAT way to kick things off :D

Do you all schedule time with your friends?  Does it help?  Do you do theme nights or just roll with it? Let me know… I wanna hear from you!

Facing Forty Inspired

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