Thursday, 7 August 2014

Brazilian - Take Two

Good morning everyone!

So, just as I said in this previous post, I have decided to give the Brazilian a second try and will continue until I have completed four waxings to see if it gets better.  Yesterday marked three weeks post primary torture session and it was time to endure it again.

I have a new aesthetician because the first time I did it I was on vacation in a different province.  I had discovered the local torturer through my good friend and I made the appointment.  I arrive five minutes early thinking that I would have time to meditate while I waited but she was waiting for me and I didn't have time to relax.  She escorted me through the hall and into her chambers.  To the right of the door was a curtained off segment and I was instructed to go on in and get undressed.  To my astonishment there were no baby wipes!!  OMG, I was not prepared this time… I went straight after sweating in my office chair all day.  I begin to panic and I know that I must confess that I thought she would have that option.  She looks at me and with a questioning look she tells me that I could go to the bathroom just down the hall.  I thank her and quickly escape the curtained area.

I get in the bathroom and my crazy brain starts working in overtime.  OMG, now she thinks that I am a dirty person.  Perhaps she thinks that I didn't shower this morning… I DID BUT… it is 3:00 in the PM.  Everyone would need to freshen up at that hour, no?!  I take a few deep breaths and clean up, wash my hands and I am feeling much more prepared.

I enter the room a little red-cheeked and take off my clothes and place myself on her table.  Now, this lady's table is really comfortable.  I look around and I am really impressed with this salon.  It feels pleasant and I begin to relax.  She asks me when I last had my treatment and I tell her that it is my second time and that the first time I did not get the results that I expected.  It left me with red blotchy spots and pimple like red spots.  I have developed a spotted vajayjay… not exactly an attractive look.  I suspect that perhaps I had a reaction to the wax?  She tells me that it is ingrown hairs o.O  NICE!  I have scared my pubs so much that they are growing in backwards now!!

She is gentle and speaks about caring for my vajayjay post waxing and I am feeling at ease.  She also declares that I am a natural blonde and I kinda snicker thinking that my hair stylist did a great job that she thinks that my hair is natural.  I respond that I was in my youth, with a smile and she explained that it is why I am sensitive.  She completed the front part and tells me to turn over.  Remember when I explained what happened the first time well, THAT was pleasant compared to what this lady made me do!  She had me on all fours, head on the bed and asked to "borrow" my hand to that I could spread my own cheeks!!  OMG  As I laid there I was thinking that this gives a whole new meaning to downward dog!  WOuldn't Tony Horton be proud of this yoga position!  Then I thought that it needed to have it's own name and went with "bad-dog" … so that is what my internal monologue was this round.

After that she had me lay back on my back and gave me a cold cloth to hold on my who-ha and I am sure that there was steam that was coming from it!  What relief though!!

So, the second waxing was a bit better yet far from pleasant.  It left me as red and blotchy as the first time and bleeding!  Maybe the bleeding was the result of her coming at me with tweezers!  I don't think that it could get worse than that!  I laid in bed last night and wondered if this was going to be worth it… then I patted it and thought, "yup, I think that it may!"  Someday I will not have anything more to say about it … I hope that someday it becomes a joy rather than misery.

How was your Wednesday?  Did you do anything exciting?

Facing Forty with a red-spotted Vajayjay

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  1. I don't think I could ever do that in a million years. I applaud you for your bravery!