Monday, 28 July 2014

Where to start?

Good afternoon everyone in the blogsphere.  My intentions with this blog is to anonymously document the realities of this nearly forty year old woman and my trials and tribulations.  I can sometimes be funny (by my measure), sometimes inappropriate (ok, often inappropriate) and ALWAYS truthful.  I will walk you though my journey as I face the milestone of turning 40 in August of 2015 and I won't even mind that you all are laughing at my expense, actually take a moment and tell me about it… I'd love to know that you are reading.

So, why the decision to write the blog anyway?

It happened today as my girlfriends and I were enjoying a liquid lunch (which is beginning to happen more and more) and I was sharing my personal experience of losing my Brazilian-waxing virginity this past week.  They were laughing and told me that I could write a column with all the crazy things that I have done this past year and continue to do and THAT is where the inception of a blog began and then Chick Fighting Forty was born!  I am not sure that I will tell them about the blog… not unless I don't get readers based on interest and merit.  That is when I may resolve to sending out the link to all my friends just so I know that SOMEONE is reading.  Please don't make me do that because they have heard most of my stories already and really I am intending them for YOU not those who know me.  Besides, as I mentioned earlier, this is supposed to be an anonymous blog.

Thanks for reading and I hope to keep you coming back to read often.

Keep Fighting with grace,


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