Tuesday, 25 August 2015

2/90 Plyometrics Pain at 5am

Let me begin by saying that I hit it out of the park yesterday!  Diet was on point!  Exercise was on point and I still managed to do my hair and look like a professional!

I got to bed early and fell asleep with ease; however, when that alarm went off at 4:45 this morning my body was telling my brain to ignore it!  I shut it off and laid there for a couple of minutes with this dialogue running through my head:

Body: Stay in bed... you can do it tonight!

Brain: No you can't ... you have to take Skye to cheer tonight.. you really think that you will have the energy to do it at 9pm?

Body: But... this bed... it is SO COMFY!

Brain: Get your ass outta bed!

Body: You could just wake up your husband and have sex... that could count as cardio?!

Brain: Then I would be UP... so GET UP!

Then I got out of bed, grabbed my clothes that were laid out from the night before and stumbled my way into the bathroom.

I reluctantly washed my face and got dressed and dragged my ass downstairs and pushed play.... and I KILLED the first 1/2 of Plyo today but the last half was pitiful.  BUT ... I damned well did it!!  

And although the thought of morning sex was a good one ... there is no way that I would have gotten this kind of a calorie burn:

So I know that I made the right decision!

Make it a great day everyone and make it count :D

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